D-8 Heights

D-8 Heights is promised to be iconic retail, entertainment, and lifestyle destination that will inspire visitors from across the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad in addition it shall also serve shoppers destinations for the visitors from DHA, BAHRIA TOWN, and other nearby adjoining smaller cities. With a mix of vibrant retail and entertainment segments, it is bound to attract families and tourists looking for diversity. The combination of the stunning architecture, the size, and the presence of high life brands, Fun & Dine, leisure, and convenience will drive this mall to commercial success and is destined for revolutionizing the modern shopping experience. D-8 Heights Apartments shall serve as a living experience in itself. The residential life style it promises has no parallel in the nearby vicinity. The architecture gives way to air corridors to counter the weather extremes for the comfort of the residents. The various categories of apartments are high on its design value and low on cost with spacious bedrooms, living areas and Modern Kitchens. One of the unique features of the Apartment building is its three separate entrances, D-8 Heights Apartments are living signature of our future life styles.